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It was a slumber party in the early 1980's that I attended with a friend.  We were in middle school and my girlfriend said, "My friend Lisa is having a party.   Do you want to go?"  I said, "Sure".  I ended up staying overnight Lisa Wilsonfor 3 nights in a row and became best friends to this day with a girl who was the most creative, eccentric and funniest person I ever met.  Everything she touches becomes cool.  I remember when she got into the color pink.  We were sixteen and she transformed her room into beautiful pink eye candy, and in months, her wardrobe and accessories matched, with such finesse.  Tell me what to do with all pink and my mind goes blank!  That's exactly how Lisa is in everything she designs.  She was always the first to experiment and try the newest trends or just whip something up and start a trend!  After earning her bachelors degree in TV production and communications, Lisa started her career working in the film and television industry but she quickly found that the celebrities and others she worked with wanted to know where she got her purses, jewelry and accessories.  It was then that she starting designing things for others.  I'll never forget the day she quit her full time job and was able to put 100% into her purses and accessories, a combination of crystals, boas, and flowers .She's also a mother of two beautiful children too.  Finally Lisa's Chic Boutique (formerly Lisa Inc. Trends) was started.  Within months she designed funky purses, chic jewelry and other unique creations.  Lisa also designed a funky crystal belt buckle for Debra Wilson from MAD TV which she wore at the "Teen Choice Awards" and she looked HOT!  Lisa really loves what she does and it shows.  Discover it for yourself!

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