Our Wishlist

1.) You can search for a wishlist here

2.) You can view your own wishlist here.  You must login first.

3.) You can make a wishlist

- Register and/or Login to your account.

- To add items to your Wishlist, first add them to your shopping cart as if you were purchasing the items. You will be able to transfer them (all at once) to your Wishlist. In your cart, check the box (Add to Wishlist) to the left of the items. Click on the "update cart" button and your items will transfer and save to your Wishlist.

4.) Buy a Gift from a Wishlist:
Login to your friends wishlist, here. 

When an item is purchased from a registered wishlist, that item will be automatically removed upon checkout.

* To avoid duplicates, and to be sure that your purchase will be removed from a wishlist, please be sure to order from the wishlist directly. To purchase, select "ADD TO CART" (in the right column of the wishlist). After purchase is made, the item will be removed from the wishlist.

* DO NOT CLICK ON THE PRODUCT IMAGE OF THE WISHLIST ITEM TO PLACE THE ORDER. This will remove you from your friends wishlist and there will be no connection you have just ordered from the wishlist.

5.) Send your wishlist to a friend.

Login to your wishlist and click the button at the bottom that says "Send to a Friend."

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