Haviana crystal Flip Flops

# 401
Haviana crystal Flip Flops

  These are original crystal studded Havaiana flip flops designed by "Lisa's Chic Boutique". Each pair of the sandals takes hours of hard labor and only the finest materials are used for it's superior quality and durability.*Please note *that they are handmade and  the availability of the sizes can  take approximately 7 to 10 days.

  • Choose up to two different crystal colors, or if you prefer just the one color.  
  • Comes in high or low style platform.
  • Additional charges apply to flip flop style, and larger sizes.

About the Sandals ~ Havaianas are considered "the best rubber sandal in the world". Since being introduced to the United States from Brazil 3 years ago they've been seen gracing the pages of the hottest fashion magazines of top Celebrities.

About the Crystal ~ Swarovski®  crystals are cut and polished to create a high reflection and vibrant colors. There are between 300 to 400 crystals (depending on the design) on each pair. Only the Best for My Diva's.

Size chart
 Brazil  American
 35  5
 36  6
 37  7
 38  8
 39/40  9
 41/42  10/11
color chart
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